Hello Students,

This week you should finish your Power Point for your midterm test next week.

Once you have done that then you should type your presentation in full.

You will need to have the full presentation completed for Bob’s second class this week (8) as you will be required to present your presentation to your audience as a practice exercise.

Remember to continually save your work and keep a copy on your USB. If you don’t have a USB you can email the two files (word and PowerPoint) to yourself.

If you finish and you are sure your work is complete you can do a reading comprehension exercise with the chance to win an iPad. The reading is associated with the vocubalary of advertising. An interesting excerise as you are basically reading an advertisment and by reading carefully you have a chance to win a prize.

Or you can do listening and reading exercises of your choice on the Wikipaces website. Academic word list 1-8 is available.

To do the iPad reading exercise follow the instructions below. Good Luck!

A chance to win an Apple iPad 2 3G (16GB)

Enter the competition at http://www.thetimes100.co.uk/win-an-ipad/

Open the site.

Say No to indicate you are not in the UK

Enter the competition – bottom of the page

Complete the personal details. Be sure to give your home address correctly so that you can receive the prize if you win. You should use both Chinese and English for your address.

The answer to the first 2 questions can be found at:


Be careful if you elect to copy and paste. Check the answer to ensure there is nothing added that is not part of the answer.

Question 1 has 4 parts, question 2 has 2 parts.

The mission statement is on the home page of the company.

Below the line advertising information can be found at:


The last question requires you to watch a video clip.This is the video but If you can’t watch the video clip, I may have a possible answer.

Finally, you should post a brief note and tell me what you did today.