What Makes You Tick?

You sometimes hear this expression: “What make sb tick?” It is a way of asking what makes a particular person happy or sad, and why do they do what they do. Why do some people like to go to parties, and others prefer to stay home and read a book, or just talk with a few close friends? Why do some people need other people around them all the time while others go crazy if they don’t get some time alone every day? Or why do some people need to take a long time to think about things before making a decision, while others decide immediately, without even seeming to think about it? And, by the way, what makes YOU tick?

This lesson is about using the internet to gain some self-knowledge; to learn more about what makes you tick. Why? Well, in the first place, it’s fun. Most people would like to know more about themselves. But in the second place, it can be practical, too. The better we know ourselves, the better we can answer some of life’s big questions, like “What kind of job is best for me?” or “What kind of a person should I marry?” And, maybe even most importantly, when we understand ourselves and others better, we can feel more comfortable with who we are, and who they are.

There are many resources for gaining self-knowledge on the internet. For this lesson, we will use one based on the Myers-Briggs personality test, which has become popular with universities and companies around the world to help students discover their own path in life and to help employees understand how they work best. In other words, what makes them tick?

Let’s get started:
1. Click on this link: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes1.htm
2. Press the "Do It!" button to take the test.
4. If you don’t understand some of the questions, look up the words in a dictionary. Ask your teacher for help if you still don’t understand.
5. Don’t think too hard about the questions, just choose your first thought.
6. When you have answered all the questions, click on the “Score It!” button.
7. You will see a four letter word beginning with an E or an I, such as INFP, ESTJ, ISTP, etc. This is your Myers-Briggs personality type.
8. Google your personality type to find out more, such as:
  • · Your personality profile
  • · Some famous people who have the same personality type
  • · What kind of job or career is suitable for your personality type
  • · What personality types are best for you to marry

Note: if the website above isn’t working, here are some others where you can take a Myers-Briggs type test:

If you really enjoyed the personality test and would like to do another one, this one is quick and simple:

personality profiles

Assignment: post a reply about what you have found out.
1. What is your personality type?
2. Briefly, what is your personality profile?
3. Who are some famous people who have the same personality type?
4. What kind of job or career is suitable for your personality type?
5. What personality types are best suited for you to marry?

6. Do you think this test is accurate? Does it really reflect who you are?
7. Do you think this test might be helpful to you in the future?
8. What did you learn from this test?
9. Would you recommend this test to friends?