We are going to do some research on the websites of three schools that are part of your life as a university student under the International College.

The first one is your very own university, the Tianjin University of Science and Technology, or TUST.

The second one is QIBA, or Queensland International Business Academy, which works with TUST to provide you with English language courses for your freshman year.

The third one is SCU, or the Southern Cross University. SCU is the Australian university from which you will be studying English business courses during your second and third year at TUST.

We will find out more about these schools by checking their official websites and answering the questions listed below. There are four questions for each school. Click on the links below to take you to the university websites:

Tianjin University of Science and Technology
Queensland International Business Academy
Southern Cross University

Questions (to be answered in the discussion page):

Find the answers to these questions by researching the school websites. Do not go to Google or Baidu, or other external search engines. All answers will be found on the webpages of TUST, QIBA, or SCU.

Remember to answer all 12 questions in full sentences. For the analysis, please write in paragraph form. Post your answers on the discussion forum provided for your class.

Tianjin University of Science and Technology:

1. What is the mission of the university, and what principle does it follow?
2. Which masters degree courses in TUST can be delivered in English? Give five examples.
3. Which colleges/schools in TUST have partnerships with educational institutions abroad? Give three examples.
4. What do foreign students enrolled in TUST learn in their Chinese language courses?

Queensland International Business Academy:

1. If you study English for Academic Study at QIBA, how long will the course take? How much do you pay and how many hours is the course each week?
2. What are the benefits of living in an Australian family while studying at QIBA?
3. Which organization or hospitals can help with medical services while one is studying at QIBA?
4. What are QIBA students saying about this school? Give one student comment on the website.

Southern Cross University:

1. What is the Assignment Navigator? What are the eight modules contained there?
2. How is the orientation held at SCU?
3. What is MySCU?
4. What are the four other SCU Online Tools that can help you as a student in doing your courses online?


After having seen the three websites, choose one website and give us three ways that you think that website can be improved.

Happy researching!