Writing Reports

We will learn report writing in two parts:
  1. Research, Citations and Referencing
  2. Writing Reports

This is the handout I used last week to explain plagiarism, quoting and paraphrasing:
Plagiarism, Quoting and Paraphrasing for TUST.doc

Research, Citations and Referencing

In this part you will learn to do research and how to document your research, that is, to tell where you got your information. This is a very complicated topic, with many different rules. It is quite possible that you may have to do research from different kind of sources, such as internet, books, academic journals and online journals in the future, but for this year we will get started with only internet research.

This is the PowerPoint I use in class to explain it all: Citations and Referencing Revised.pptx
Here it is again as a PowerPoint 79-2003 presentation: Citations and Referencing Revised.ppt

Here are the handouts I use with the class. They contain examples of a paragraph with references and citations and a table showing you how to write references in many different situations:

Sample Para w Notes on Ref & Srces Revised.pdf
Sample Para w Notes on Ref & Srces Revised.doc

Web Documents and Sites - Table.pdf
Web Documents and Sites - Table.docx
Web Documents and Sites - Table.doc

Here is the referencing guide that your program at Southern Cross University uses. If you have any questions, or if you are not sure, or if what I taught you isn't exactly the same as what the Referencing Guide says, do what the Referencing Guide says.



  1. Write one paragraph with two facts, quotes or paraphrases from different sources.You can take a paragraph from your Cause and Effect essay, but you don't have to. See the first page of [[@file/view/Sample Para w Notes on Ref & Srces.doc|Sample Para w Notes on Ref & Srces.doc]]. Your paragraph should look just like it.)
  2. Find the information that supports your facts, quotes or paraphrases on the internet.
  3. Create citations and references for each fact, quote or paraphrase in your paragraph. You should have two citations and two references
  4. Remember, citations come in two parts and are in parentheses in your text; references are in the List of References at the end of your paragraph.
  5. If you are in class 41 or 43, the due date for your paragraph is Tuesday, May 3. If you are in Class 42 or 44, your paragraph is due Wednesday, May 4.
  6. If I accept your paragraph, email it to me as an email attachment. The subject of your email must be Para 4n your name.
    For example: Para 43 Ebenezer Any other subject like will not be accepted!
  7. If I do not accept your paragraph, do not email me anything. Go back, fix the problem(s) and try to give it to me again the next day. You must also give me the original version, the one you tried to give me the first day.

Paragraph Rubric

Deadly Sins (-10 pts. each)
  • Spelling, capitalization, etc.
  • TUST standards errors
  • Late: -10 for each day
  • Email accepted paragraph
Content (20 pts.):
  • Statements logical and relevant
Citations (10 pts. each)
  • Citation 1
  • Citation 2
References (25 pts. each)
  • Reference 1
  • Reference 2
Mechanics (10 pts.):
  • Grammar, usage, punctuation:

Writing Reports

To write your report you will use what you learned in the Research, Citations and Referencing to write a 500+ word report with at least five references.

This is the PPT I am showing in class:
Reports, Samples and Rubric.pptx
Reports, Samples and Rubric.ppt

This model report is based on a report a student wrote for my class a couple of years ago. You can use it for a template:
Model Report modified for TUST 12pt.doc

Paraphrasing is also an important skill you must learn for writing reports. Here are a couple of paraphrasing exercises we have done in class:
Plagiarism, Quoting and Paraphrasing for TUST.pdf
Paraphrasing Exercise.pdf

  1. In class, choose a topice for your report.
  2. Fill in your topic on the topic form.
  3. For homework, fill in the five sources you will use for your report on the topic form.
  4. The topic form is due the next class period.
  5. Start writing your report after I approve your topic and sources on the topic form.
  6. These are the due dates for your report:
a. Class 43: May 18 Wednesday
b. Class 42: May 19 Thursday
c. Class 41: May 19 Thursday
d. Class 44: May 20 Friday

Report Rubric:

Deadly Sins (-10 pts. each)
  • Spelling, capitalization, etc.
  • TUST standards errors
  • Late: -10 for each day
  • 500+ words (deduct for short)
  • Plagiarism: -10 each instance
Content (50 pts.):
  • Intro: Intro. topic, Thesis Statement
  • 3+ paragraphs with topic sentences, development and in-text citations
  • Conclusion
Organization (20 pts.):
  • Statements logical and relevant
Mechanics (30 pts.):
  • Grammar, usage, punctuation:
  • 5+ references, proper format