Hello everyone! Computer class today focuses on one highly engaging and creative way to apply your English: making animated videos.

Task for Today

Dvolver is an online movie-making tool. We are going to use this website to create your own movie, which will have three animated scenes. You can choose the setting, characters, and background music. Create dialogues for your characters and choose the way they interact with each other. When you finish your movie, you will share it with your classmates, and allow your classmates to make comments on your creation.

Steps to Follow

1. Go to the movie-making website, Dvolver. You may register as a member if you wish.

2. The website is user-friendly. Spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the functions. Then start making your movie.

To make your own movies follow these steps:
a. Select a background and a sky.
b. Select a plot. You can choose from: rendezvous, pickup, chase, soliloquy (a single actor speaking his/her ideas to an audience)
c. Select characters for this scene.
d. Type in the character's lines in English.
e. Select the background music for this scene. You have now completed one scene.
f. Click on add a new scene and repeat steps a-e for the second scene.
g. Click on add a new scene and so on until you have completed your plot through the various scenes
h. To finish the movie: Click on finish movie
i. Choose a title design
j. Type in the movie title and the director's name
Finally, click on preview to see the whole movie. Save it, send to your email address and remember the URL.

3. When you successfully complete your movie, make sure you remember the URL, or the web address of your movie

4. When you are finished with your movie, go to this page's discussion forum and click "New Post". For the subject, write the title of your video. In the message box, copy and paste the URL of your movie. Then write a 50-100 word description or explanation of your video. Click "Post" when you are done.

At the end of class, I should see 30 different topics on the forum, one for each student.

5. Check your classmates' posts and watch their movies through the links they provided. Reply to your classmates' posts with your comments.

6. Enjoy!

If you find that Dvolver does not work properly on the computer, you can use GoAnimate, which is a similar movie-making website. Remember to make a post in the discussion forum with the URL(the web address) of your video so we can all check your creation.