Follow these instructions carefully.

How to make a Google map
1. Sign into your gmail account.
2. At the top of the page click on “More” and then click on “Maps”
3. Click on “My Maps” on the left of the page.
4. Click on "Get Started" if this is your first map or click on “Create a new map” if you have already made a map.
5. In the title box type the title eg “Liz's Map"
6. In the description box type a description of your map eg “This is where I have been” etc.
7. Change from public to unlisted by clicking in the circle.
8. Find China on the world map by clicking and dragging.
9. You can make the map bigger + or smaller – as needed.
10. Click on the placemark icon at the top of the map and mark the place you want on the map - click to attach.
11. Type in the title of the placemark eg “Tianjin” and the description “This is my hometown”. Click OK.
12. Find some places that you have visited and mark them. Mark a place that you would like to visit in China and another place you would like to visit in another country.
13. When finished, click "Save" and “Done”.
14. Take a look at my map at: Liz's map
To share your map:
1. Open your map.
2. Click on Link on the right hand side.
3. The URL will appear highlighted. Press Ctrl C to copy the URL and paste it in a reply on the discussion tab. Write a small summary of your map. For example: “On my map I have marked the place where I was born and some of the places I have visited. I have also marked a place I would like to visit in China and a place I would like to visit overseas.”

Do not just copy the URL at the top of the page - the URL should be very long.