Online Newspapers

There are many newspapers that you can read online. Read an online newspaper article which interests you and write an article review.

DO NOT CUT AND PASTE THE ARTICLE – read it and then write what the article was about in your own words.

In your article review you should include:

- The name of the newspaper.
- The headline of the article.
- The author of the article and the date written.
- The article's web address.
- What the article was about. (In your own words!)
- Did you find the article interesting? Why? / Why not?

On this page, click on the discussion tab and click on +New Post.
The heading of the post (the Subject field) is your name, then write your review in the Message box.
First you can write your review in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it to the wiki. Do a spelling and grammar check on Microsoft Word before posting.

Here are some links to online newspapers that you can use:

The Australian

The Sydney Morning Herald

The New York Times

The Washington Post

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Business Mirror

The China Daily

When you are finished with your review take a look at the reviews written by other students. Type a reply to their post and tell them if you found their review interesting.