Here are the instructions for our activity today:

Open Gmail and download the letter attached to your email. It’s a letter from your old friend Yi.

Read the letter carefully and then open Excel and calculate the breakeven point:


Then calculate the volume (the number of pizzas) necessary for the profit target:


You will have remembered that BE is breakeven, FC is fixed costs, P is profit, SP is the selling price and VC variable cost.


Format the worksheet using Comic Sans as the font type, and font size 12 point.

Write a letter to Mr. Yi in Microsoft Word and include the excel calculation in your Word document. Format the Word document the same as the excel sheet, Comic Sans, and size 12 font.

Remember Yi is your old friend so tell him how happy you are to hear from him and offer him encouragement and business advice.
Send an email to your teacher and attach your reply to Yi.

You can download these instructions and an example of how to lay out your spreadsheet from the following document. Click on it and save the document to the desktop.