Hi Everybody,

Here are some useful links to websites which will prepare you for the IELTS test:

1. Listening.

IELTS practice listening test. Click on the link and you can take a test and get your listening score.

practice test

practice test 2

If you found the practice tests difficult then you can use this link to practice listening:

British Council IELTS listening

You can play the recording at three speeds: slow; medium and quick. I think it will help your listening.

2. Reading.

General Training practice reading test: General Training Reading

If you found the General Training reading easy try the Academic Training Reading: Academic Training Reading

3. Writing.

The following website has lots of writing tasks with model answers:

IELTS practice

4. Speaking.

Here are some links to pdf files with lots of speaking topics for both Part 1 and Part 2.

Sports and hobbies

People, places and things

past, present and future

Part 2 topics

If you know of any good websites for practicing IELTS please add a link here. Just click on Edit then click on link and in the external link box give the link a name and add the address. Then give a short description of the website. In this way we can find lots of websites to help us pass the IELTS test.
Also, could you please join in the discussion by clicking on the discussion tab and tell us what you think of the IELTS test.