Getting Information from Online Sources
Famous Explorers
The Task

The teacher will give you the name of an explorer and you have to find out information about that explorer. At least one other person in your class will have to do some research and answer questions about the same explorer, but they will use a different website. After you have done your research and answered the questions, you will check each other's answers to see which are the same and which are different, and then decide which ones are right.

You will be assigned a letter, A or B.

You will also be assigned an explorer.

  • If you are group 1, research on Christopher Columbus
  • If you are group 2, research on Ferdinand Magellan
  • If you are group 3, research on Francisco Pizarro
  • If you are group 4, research on Henry Hudson
  • If you are group 5, research on Jacques Cartier
  • If you are group 6, research on John Cabot
  • If you are group 7, research on Juan Ponce de Leon
  • If you are group 8, research on Samuel de Champlain
  • If you are group 9, research on Sir Francis Drake
  • If you are group 10, research on Vasco da Gama
  • If you are group 11, research on Vasco Nunez de Balboa


  1. There are three questions for each explorer in the Discussion Forum. Find the message for your explorer and answer the three questions by replying to the message. In your reply, please indicate if you are student A or student B.
  2. Once everyone has posted check your answers in the Discussion Forum with the other person in your class who is working on the same explorer and post the answers to the following questions in a new reply:
    1. Which answers did you agree on?
    2. Which answers did you disagree on?
    3. Did you find any other differences?
    4. Who do you think is right? Why?