English for Academic Purposes

Today we turn our attention to English for Academic Purposes through the website UEFAP.

Uefap.com is all about academic English, something that you will need to have good command of before you step in to your SCU studies. The website is divided into different sections such as vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and materials. In each section you will find pages of different topics with explanations and plenty of practice exercises that you can work on and then check for correct answers.

The Task

1. Go to UEFAP.com

2. Browse through the various sections of the website, clicking on the main tabs and the links to different pages so that you will get a complete idea of what the website offers. When you find something interesting and useful that you can do such as a lecture to listen to and take notes, a good vocabulary list, or a grammar exercise, go ahead and work on that activity.

Suggestions: UEFAP > Listening > Notetaking Exercises
> Vocabulary > Word Formation Exercises

3. Note down the things that you did on both websites. In the discussion forum, post a reply to the topic I started. In your reply, share to the class four things that you did on the websites (for example, one, I created my own account ruby.dc). Mention how your activities went and if you recommend those. Also, give your opinion on the usefulness of the website.