Learning English can be fun!!!

We know that many students like to play computer games, so here are some games which are fun and can also improve your English.

Try them out and then post in the discussion tab. Answer these questions:

1. Which game did you enjoy the most? Give a short description of the game and why you liked it.
2. What new words did you learn? Write at least three with their meanings.
3. Do you think playing games is useful for learning English? Why? Why not?

To play the game, click on the links below.

Game 1: This game is for people who like basketball and have trouble knowing which verb tense to use:


Game 2: This game is for people who like golf and need to practice using the present perfect tense:


Game 3: This game is for people who like shooting games and have trouble with spelling English words:


Game 4: This game gives you a chance to go on a treasure hunt if you give the correct answer:


Game 5: This game is for people who have trouble remembering things and it will help you learn words for everyday products:


Game 6: This game is for people who get lost when they are following directions:


Game 7: This will help you learn words for part of the body. Be careful not to squash the monkey:


Game 8: This is really three games and they will help you practice compound sentences. This is very useful to improve your writing.


If you liked these games there are lots more at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/games/