How Big is

Your Ecological


The Task:

1. Check out the website Before you take the quiz, quickly read the main webpage or click on "About the Quiz" to give you background information. When you are ready, click "Go" to begin answering the quiz. Remember to take the quiz in English. (If you need help with the vocabulary or do not understand the question, search the internet or call my attention).

2. When you are finished with the quiz, your results will be shown. Study your results carefully, making sure you understand the graph and chart.

3. Go to the discussion section of this page and share your results with the class. Click the "New Post" tab and type your result as the subject. In the message field, answer the following questions:

  • If everyone on the planet lived your lifestyle, how many "Earths" would we need?

  • Describe the bar graph. How does your Carbon Footprint, Food Footprint, Housing Footprint, and Goods and Services Footprint compare with the country average, and with each other?

  • Reflection: (Answer these questions in paragraph form) Now that you know your ecological footprint, how do you feel about your result? What do you think it is about your lifestyle that seriously affected the size of your footprint? Should you make any changes?

Important: Remember to create a new post in the discussion page for your result. Do not reply to an existing post with your results. Start your own discussion topic. The subject or title of your topic must include your quiz result, e.g. 1.75 Earths - I need to change!

4. When you finish doing #3, check your classmates' results and read what they have written. Reply to at least five of your classmates' topics. You can ask questions, suggest, comment, or just share your ideas with each other.