The Contemporary Topics lectures are in direct violation of copyright law. They have been removed and the violation reported to the publisher!


The purpose of the Contemporary Topics books is to help you develop the listening and note-taking skills that you will need for listening to lectures and studying for university courses in English. I will always make the MP3 sound files available to you on the wiki and sometimes the transcripts, too.

Through listening to many of these lectures over the course of the school year, and having weekly quizzes on them, you should be able to develop ways of taking notes and studying that work best for you. To give you an idea, here is a sampling of the notes five successful students took for a lecture in the Contemporary Topics 2 book:


Of course, they are a bit messy, and you can see that the students organized them in different ways according to their understanding of the lecture. That's fine, that's the way it should be. They organized their notes in the way that worked best for them, and it's a large part of what made them successful.


Here are the audio files for the lectures that we have had so far from the Contemporary Topics 1 book. You can play them online or download them by right clicking on the file name and then saving them to your computer: