Comic Strip Cartoons

Many students like to read cartoons so today you are going to make your own comic strip cartoon.
Before you make your own here are some cartoons which are popular.

Dilbert - this is a popular American comic strip about the office.


Being Late for Meetings (or perhaps class!!!!)

If you like Dilbert you can read more at his website: You can learn a lot about life from cartoons.

Now you will write your own cartoon. Today you should try and write two cartoons from two different website.

The first website is easy to use and you don't need to register to use it:

When you have finished your cartoon send it to your own gmail address and then you can post the link on the discussion tab. Also write a short paragraph with three reasons why you think people enjoy reading cartoons.

The second website you need to register to make a cartoon and it is more complex and may take some time to load:

When you finish your cartoon on this site you can publish it so that everyone can see it and then you can can embed it in your homepage. To do this open the published cartoon - click on embed and it will automatically copy the embedding code. Then open up your homepage - click on edit - put your cursor where you want your cartoon to be - click on widget - click on Other HTML - and paste the embedding code in the box. Click on Save and your cartoon will appear on your homepage. Here is one that I wrote:

Classroom rules