Business English on-line

Today’s computer class introduces some useful sites for listening, reading and developing business vocabulary. It is up to you what exercises you attempt but keep a record of what you do and post details on the Wikispace discussion section.

The first site is

Open the page, select a category and do as many exercises as can. Take your time and use the exercise to develop your English, not just as a quiz exercise. Check your answers on-line and redo any incorrect answers. Make a note of any vocabulary that is new to you,
keep a record of what exercises you attempted and post a list of these to the Wikispace. Give your opinion on the usefulness of each exercise you attempt


A good listening site is at:

Select any episode, I suggest pre-intermediate and Intermediate, but first download the worksheet so you can review the questions before you listen. Write your answers in your notebook and then check your answers on page 2 of the worksheet. If you have forgotten your notebook open a Word document and then email the document to yourself. You can also download the transcript to check your understanding and the answers are also on the last page of the worksheet.


Episode 1: Nils, ( Nils is the name of a person) on working life in the UK – Pre-intermediate

Worksheet Download first, read the questions before listening to the tape.
Download Listening Download only after you have read the questions in the worksheet.
Tapescript Download last after listening to check your understanding of the discussion.

If you want to know how good your Business English is, try the "level test" Business level test

Finally you can review the Academic Word List 1- 7 in preparation for the next test in Liz's class.

Remember you must post to achieve a class mark for this exercise.

This is week 4 - You have no time in the computer class for games or any activities not related to learning English!