I have a wide selection of work for you to do today.
You may not be able to complete all the tasks but make a note of what you do on the posting tab of the Wikispaces.
Give me your opinion of the finance lectures and keep a copy of the video files and the PDF and make a note of the websites for further self study.

You can watch a lecture on accounting and another about managing risk.
When you are watching stop the video as often as you need to and replay as many times as you want.
When you are watching the videos make notes as practice for listening to your accounting lecturers next year.
After watching post answers to the following questions.

Copy the questions to the discussion tab for class 3 and post your answers there.

1: The Accounting Process Video
Q1. Managers as well as accountants need to know basic accounting procedures. True or false?
Q2. Accounting tracks two things, what are they?
Q3. What are the two basic requirements for something to be defined as an asset?
Q4.What is equity?
Q5. What is a transaction?
Q6. Name two possible sources of finance to acquire assets that are introduced to a business.

2: Managing Risk Video.
Watch the video once then attempt to answer the questions at the end of the video. Post any comments you may have on the discussion tab. Do the test as many times as you want to. Did your score improve?

3: If you have time:
After you have watched the videos look at the questions below and read the PDF ÔÇťAchieving Financial Success" up to about page 12.
Scan through the glossary on page 8. You are not expected to actually learn these definitions,Just know this is a source of information that may be useful for next semester.

Download and keep a copy of the PDF.
(The PDF file came from and this website may also be useful for you later.)

From chapter 1,- starting on page 4 answer the following questions: Alternatively you can read from the extract of the document which is a word document entittled "Finance Success". The document is on your desktop.

Questions from the PDF (or extract)

1. There are three financial statements that record financial information on your business. What are they and what is their purpose?

2. According to the author how often should you prepare the above documents?

If you finish all of the above!!

Try your hand at these word games.

Alternatively use any site you want to on the Wikispaces site.
I suggest Extensive listening exercises, IELTS practice, Academic Word List 1-10. .