Thoughts on Your Class Facilitation

Hello everyone!

Congratulations on finishing your class facilitation. Here are a few comments, observations, and reminders that I have about your presentations.

Preparation. Good job to everyone who submitted their plans on time and had made sure to submit the copies of their materials in advance, for checking. This shows that you did enough preparation for your facilitation.

There are some that did not submit their plans, and only put together their materials on the day or just right before their presentation. This is not good for you, as you notice that you can make more mistakes in your speaking when you are not prepared. The flow and timing of your presentation also suffer when you have not practiced or spent enough time with your group mates. In this case you do not get to do your best. The best thing is to always have a plan, prepare, and practice.

Other good points are:
Introducing your topic
Giving complete instructions to your classmates

Activities. All the groups came up with a good mix of activities that engaged the class and practiced your English. You were quite creative with your choice of games and prizes.

While it is good to lead your class in fun and games, sometimes we also get a bit carried away. Let us remember that as the presenting group you must help your classmates learn and understand what you are saying. The focus is still to use our English and learn, not only to win a prize. Yes, fun activities can help to motivate you to learn.

As you move to your sophomore year, there will be fewer, (if any at all) games or activities. Instead, you will be expected to seriously study your English business courses, like university students abroad. This does not mean that your courses will not be interesting. It only means that you become responsible for creating your own motivation to study.

Participation. Many groups showed good teamwork, with each student taking charge of different parts of the activities. The goal is to share the task equally with one another. The best groups are the ones where each person had a chance of speaking to the class. Those who did not contribute to their group’s work will of course get low marks.

Working well together is an important skill to learn as a student. Your future courses will require you to do group work. Group work means that each person does his or her part to complete the given project. It doesn’t mean that only one or two persons do the job, and the rest just wait and depend on the others. Remember, when you do the responsibility of another person, you are not helping them. And when you do nothing as part of the group, you become a burden to your classmates. So make it a point to contribute and let each of you do their best together.

All in all, I believe you have enjoyed our final weeks and have had a learning experience on being interdependent. If we take charge of our own learning, we will gain more knowledge. :-)