Jasmine's HomepageChinese name:Yuan XiaoboHometown:He Bei Province, now living in Tian Jin ProvinceHobbies: table tennies, watch movie, listen to music, billiards, play or stay with my friends and family.Dream: go abroad to study and be a boss of my own international business company.

This picture was took after my born 100 days, I had big eyes that time.p_large_ua9s_56090008043a5c43.jpg

This is my picture now. I have a big family, my father, my mother, my little brother, my sister and I . This is my little brother, he is 3 years old, he is very naughty and clever, I love him very much.
Now I am studying in TUST.This is my best friend Winnie. We live in a room,we eat, sleep, study and play together.We will be forever friends.