Felix Mendelssohn Cafe

I am Wu Tong from Haidian, Beijing.
My English name is Felix.
I love Felix Mendelssohn very much so I gave it a name as Felix Mendeissohn.
I like music and sports and writting.
My beautiful university, the home in where I will stay for 4 years with my dear friends. It is beautiful just likes a garden.p_large_XNFS_485a0006f1695c6f[1].jpgp_large_bA0Z_25dd0007ca895c3f[1].jpg

My dear class. Nearly all of us went to have a dinner on June 1st and we all have a real happy time.
Dear Fangfang. My dear lovely friend, a really cute kid.
The Competition of Tianjin. All of these days full of sweat and tears and smile were waiting for the final 6 mins. But in the end, we were happy, that's enough.

This is my hometown Beijing. I really love it. It is a big city and has a good view.